Why you’ll never be equal to your male peers – And why you should celebrate that

There’s a post circulating on social media
And I wanted to share the message here

Because YOU know you’re equal to your male peers
Equally smart
Equally qualified
Equally disciplined

You know this to be TRUE
Even if THEY don’t

But do you realize
How your path
Was HARDER than theirs?

SAME outcome
DIFFERENT obstacles

A letter to the editor
Written by a male senior engineering student
Addressed to the women in his engineering class

He explained that even though they were
In the SAME engineering program
At the SAME university
And maybe even making the SAME grades

That they were NOT equals


That he was treated differently
From a very young age
By parents
By teachers
By peers

The messages he received
From academic institutions
From the media
From all around

All SUPPORTED his path
Paved the way
While the messages his female peers received
Were quite different

Same destination
Very different journeys

Women in male-dominated fields
Such as engineering

As women
We KNOW how true this is
To have this acknowledged
By a male peer

So if this applies to you
Or your child
Or another family member

Be sure to
CELEBRATE all those accomplishments
Extra hard

Because as a women
YOUR path to success
Was extra hard

Here’s to celebrating your genius,

Denee Choice, MD