secrets of a recovering perfectionist

Secrets of a Recovering Perfectionist

By Denee Choice, MD

Table of Contents


Part One: Awareness

Chapter 1: Houston, There’s a Problem

Part Two: Master the Fundamentals: Eat, Move, Sleep

Chapter 2: More Water, Less Coffee
Chapter 3: Exercise Is Medicine
Chapter 4: More Sleep, Less Wine

Part Three: Tame the Stress Monster

Chapter 5: Stress Makes You Stupid, Sick and Fat
Chapter 6: No Is Not a Four Letter Word

Part Four: Hack Your Way Back

Chapter 7: Hack Your Brain
Chapter 8: Find Your People
Chapter 9: Choose You
Chapter 10: Lights, Camera, Action!

Part Five: Etcetera

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Book Description

Trying to balance work and family but feel like you are failing at both? Then this book is for you!

Perfectionist: a person who demands perfection of themselves or others. Perfectionism, a trait commonly seen in high achieving women, is a double-edged sword. It is what drives these women to high levels of achievement in their career and in their life, but it is also what drives them to overwork, overthink, over-stress and burn out.

Secrets of a Recovering Perfectionist is the roadmap you need to steer clear of chronic stress and burnout. Written from the perspective of a medical doctor, mom with a thriving career and busy family life, and a burnout survivor, this book combines practical, actionable information with Next Steps exercises at the end of each chapter to get you quickly on your road to recovery.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • How to recognize when stress is a problem and how chronic stress can lead to burnout
  • The fundamentals of preventing or recovering from burnout (hint: it’s not all about meditation and yoga)
  • How to manage stress through the use of simple tools and strategies, managing your energy and hacking your thoughts, feelings and habits
  • How to leverage community to support your health and wellbeing
  • How to implement the DIY roadmap in the book and understanding when you may need additional support
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Read Some of Our Great Reviews

Life changing!

This book will give you the road map to crawl out of the hole you might have dug for yourself. As overachievers we are programmed to do more, go faster, work harder and this is someone from the trenches who is actually breaking down for you WHY this is not good and HOW to pivot into a healthier lifestyle. From a recovering workaholic, I so needed to read this! For anyone considering purchasing this book – just do it, as the author says – not tomorrow or next week but now! You will find it eye-opening, motivating and you will be inspired to live your most beautiful life because well – you deserve that!

- Lauren C

Grab your highlighter for this one!

I think I wore out the highlighter feature on my kindle with this one. So. Much. Solid. Information.

I’ve already sent the link to my mom, my SIL and my bestie. And the thing I love the most is that it was a pleasure to read. Not a chore, as some self-help books can be. Great writing and so beneficial. Just get it! ?

- CM

Sums it all up, PERFECTLY!

Wow! I feel like this book was written directly to me, for me. I know so many people–perfectionists like me–who will benefit from the wisdom shared in this book. Don’t do it the hard way. Dr. Denee Choice lays out the steps perfectly in this easy-to-follow guide. Implementing the action steps she outlines will lead to success, no doubt. The book is beautifully written and is a must-read for any perfectionist who is struggling to love her amazing life.

- Libby Wilson, M.D.

WOW. I just finished reading this book. It was a quick, information-packed read. As a 30 something busy mom of two young kids it spoke to me in many ways. I love how the author has a heart to share what she wished she knew earlier in life. As I was reading I felt I was in conversation with a friend. She is funny and also has the smarts to unpack and explain it all. Many of the topics covered I thought I knew but she breaks them down in an easy format with practical next steps. Do yourself a favor and read this book! You won’t regret it!

- Brandy Roberts

Practical, Personal and Simple, the perfect guide for the areas I am focusing on most!

The simple practical strategies and reflections make it simple to see the next step for me. It feels like listening to advice from a good friend who knows you exceptionally well and has walked through similar struggles. I highly recommend this book for anyone who tends to take on too much, or is looking for practical advice to avoid reaching complete burnout. As a manager, I really appreciated the opening section on recognizing burnout. I find it helpful not only for myself but in supporting my team and what I may see in them.

- Amazon Customer

Comprehensive, practical and effective tools.

There’s no fluff, BS, or wasted words in this book. The advice is practical, comprehensive, and in my view, effective. I read the digital copy but will be buying the paperback for my permanent library.

- Mark Resnick

A self-help book that feels like a chat with a friend
This is a well-written book that tackles the subject of stress and perfectionism. Although the author was at one time a practicing physician, she uses reader-friendly language throughout and does not come off as a know-it-all. Instead, she comes across like a best friend wanting to share with you her secrets to a better lifestyle. I highly recommend this book!

- LT Samuels

After reading this book, I am encouraged and so motivated to attempt (again) to find balance. The author is relatable and humorous, and she includes just enough science to explain and drive home the points she is making. I am convinced now more than ever that avoiding burnout is better than figuring out how to recover from it! Practical tips are provided that the reader can apply immediately.

- Lakisha Murphy

You need this book!

Dr. Choice is an excellent writer – engaging and poignant at the same time while getting the point across and providing helpful solutions on how to back away from our perfectionism and all-or-nothing tendencies to create a more balanced, whole and functional (as well as FUN) life for ourselves as high achievers. She takes you on a journey (her journey) and step-by-step gives you easily implementable solutions (SOLUTIONS!!) and protective strategies against and healing from burnout. It is a quick, easy read (which I so appreciated) and truly beneficial to have in my personal and professional arsenal. Thank you for writing this book!

- ER

This book provides a thorough yet easy to implement plan to help you recover from burnout.

- Tess

Brilliant, condensed, How-To information–A “must read!”

- Violet Batejan

Medical field burnout- this is your book

- Joana Ardelean

Yes! Road map to avoid burnout!

- Patti Emminger

Great reminders and simple action plans to get de-stressed and live better.

- Terri Dentry
denee choice, md

A Little About the Author

Dr. Denee Choice is a double board-certified medical doctor, a seasoned health and wellness industry executive, program design consultant for healthcare organizations, author, and certified executive coach for leaders in medicine and business. She helps busy successful leaders navigate their career and personal challenges and opportunities to create a life they love without overwork, over-stress, or burnout.

She brings her 20+ years experience in medicine as a clinician and medical executive, entrepreneur, and working mom to her work coaching physicians and business leaders who are struggling with perfectionism, overwork and overwhelm or burnout.

In addition to her medical training, she has extensive management and leadership training including Northwestern University Kellogg School of Business, and a masters degree in medical management (MMM) from Carnegie Mellon University.

She has two adult children and lives with her husband in Columbus, Ohio.