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  • Physician
  • Leadership Expert
  • Entrepreneur
  • Executive Coach
  • Teambuilder
  • Community Designer
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I’ve been where you are …

Fancy degrees? Check.

Marriage and kids? Check.

Badass boss lady? Check.

Struggling to balance a thriving career and a busy family life? Check.

Taking care of everyone else, often at the expense of your own needs? Check.

Knowing you can do it all, but you can’t do it all well … or at least well enough to meet up to your own perfectionist standards? Check!

I’ve been where you are …

Self-employed, independent contractor, employee of small healthcare systems and large corporate entities, non-profits, for-profits and government agencies.

I’ve led teams of five and teams of fifty.

I’ve climbed the corporate ladder and flown solo.

Navigated change from internal and external factors. Change is hard. Transitions are hard. But growth is necessary. Discomfort is the price of your growth. Your brain craves growth and contribution.

The one commonality, the one thing I loved about all these opportunities?

I love to help people succeed.

Coaches help people succeed. So at this season of my life I’m back to where I started in my career; in business for myself. But this time as a coach.

I’ve been leading and coaching high-performing professionals for years in the corporate setting and now I’m working with private clients.

High achievers like me.

Like you.

I help leaders in medicine and business curate their dream careers and have a full and fulfilling personal life without overwork, over-stress, or burnout.

Coaching can take your life from struggling to thriving, from good to great.

I can help you!

Let’s jump on a call and explore your goals and dreams and how coaching can help you get there faster.