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I’ve been where you are …

Fancy degrees? Check.

Marriage and kids? Check.

Badass boss lady? Check.

Struggling to balance a thriving career and a busy family life? Check.

Taking care of everyone else, often at the expense of your own needs? Check.

Knowing you can do it all, but you can’t do it all well … or at least well enough to meet up to your own perfectionist standards? Check!

I’ve been where you are …

Self-employed, independent contractor, employee of small healthcare systems and large corporate entities, non-profits, for-profits and government agencies.

I’ve led teams of five and teams of fifty.

I’ve climbed the corporate ladder and flown solo.

Navigated change from internal and external factors. Change is hard. Transitions are hard. But growth is necessary. Discomfort is the price of your growth. Your brain craves growth and contribution.

The one commonality, the one thing I loved about all these opportunities?

I love to help women succeed.

Coaches help people succeed. So at this season of my life I’m back to where I started in my career; in business for myself. But this time as a coach.

I’ve been leading and coaching high-performing professionals for years in the corporate setting and now I’m working with private clients.

High achieving women like me.

Like you.

I help women physicians and other high-achieving women create the career of their dreams AND have an amazing personal/family life that they love without overwork, over-stress or burnout.

Coaching can take your life from struggling to thriving, from good to great.

I can help you with that!

Let’s jump on a call and explore your goals and dreams and how coaching with me can help you get there.

Dr. Denee Choice’s Background

Once upon a time, I was a thirty-something with a thriving medical career, a husband who worked crazy shifts, and two young children at home.

Get up, feed the kids, get them to school, go to work, work a full day, pick up the kids. Shuttle them to soccer practice, dinner, clean up, homework, get the kids to bed. Crash in bed myself, exhausted. Get up the next day.

Rinse and repeat.

Don’t get me wrong; I loved my life. But it wasn’t exactly the picture of balance and bliss. Was I burning the candle at both ends? Of course! Aren’t we all? On the surface, it looked like I had it all together. Underneath, though, I was falling apart.

Sounds familiar? If so, you’re in the right place!

Despite being a doctor, I didn’t always follow my own advice. I routinely told my patients that they needed to exercise more, eat better, get more sleep and manage their stress because I fully believed these actions promoted health, wellness, and balance. I still do. What was my excuse? Me? I was too busy, of course! Sound familiar?

So I did what you’re doing. I powered through. I stayed on the hamster wheel, “succeeding” and “achieving” at work but barely holding it together in life. And it worked.

denee choice md

Until it didn’t.

Eventually, running on the hamster wheel caught up with me. At first, my body started to show signs of weakness. I ignored the warnings and wrote them off as getting older. I still saw myself as healthy and active, and for the most part, I was. But the stress monster, which I had suppressed and ignored for far too many years, continued to grow. I kept telling myself it will get easier when the kids are in school; It will get easier when the kids can drive; It will get easier when….

You get the point.

I eventually left clinical medicine for a job in the corporate world. This came with a temporary reprieve from overwork and overstress, but as I succeeded in my new role and was promoted into bigger roles and opportunities, it crept back in. The overachiever in me wanted more, so I said yes to every new opportunity along the way. I was back on the hamster wheel, working 60+ hour weeks, and that was just my day job.

Then my overachiever choices started to impact my mind. That was harder to ignore. I was way too young to be having trouble with memory and concentration, so what the heck was going on?

What I know now that I didn’t realize then is that I was in the throes of burnout. It crept up when I wasn’t looking. Chronic daily stress was a normal way of life for me and had been for many years. When I finally went to see my doctor, she asked me about my stress levels. I laughed it off and said I was fine. After all, this was my normal. Nothing had changed. Stress was for people who had “real” problems—people who lost their job, or were going through a divorce, or were dealing with serious illness. Not me—I was fine.

Except I wasn’t. In truth, I had been running on empty for years, decades even, and just ignored it. Now it was catching up to me. I had to claw my way back out. And I did it. I did it without quitting my job and without going to an ashram in India for three months.

And if I can do it, you can do it, too.

Full disclosure—there’s no “fast pass” to instantly transport yourself back from overwork, over-stress and burnout. You have to do the work. But I can help you get out faster than I did.

Being a medical doctor, I am a scientist by training. I researched the literature, both scientific and pop culture health and wellness literature, along my path of recovery. On my quest, I discovered some new skills and tools which have been game-changers for me in creating healthy habits that stick and moving the needle toward better health, less stress, and better balance in my life.

This is the secret sauce. And I can’t wait to share it with you.