Dr. Tanya

I was struggling with dissatisfaction with my job and career. Career coaching helped me change my perspective to feel more content in my work, and to even pass that forward to my colleagues. I always felt Denee Choice was very supportive. It was easy to quickly build rapport with her and feel comfortable, which is not always easy to do with a stranger. No matter what issue I brought up, she was able to help me reframe my attitude and approach without telling me what to do. Denee is the best! She is a fantastic 1 on 1 and group coach, and can help with both personal and professional issues. Highly recommend working with her!

Dr. Indrani

I had the pleasure of being coached by Denee over the last two months. During this time, we worked on my obstacles for following a weight loss and exercise regime that held me back from achieving my goals over the last year. She helped me uncover the subconscious thought patterns and take the action steps to correct those. This awareness has been a catalyst for me to finally get going.

I loved Denee's coaching style of gentle pushing to understand the why behind each challenge and the excuses that I had created for myself. She held me accountable and was tough when it came to pushing me to take action, which I needed!

Dr. Denee Choice is the coach everyone needs in their life!

Dr. Kristi

I reached out for career coaching because I had been feeling like I was having a mid-career crisis. I had lots of opportunities but also lots of demands and I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to head. I also wanted to start my own consulting business but I had so many insecurities about whether I could or should spend time and energy investing in trying. 

I spent 18 months feeling stuck and not knowing which direction to head. In six weeks coaching with Denee Choice, I was able to define where I want to spend my time and energy, and what I would and would not settle for. 

I was empowered to turn down a position that was offered to me because I did not believe they valued my contributions, despite their counter offer of exponentially higher terms. I defined what was worth my time doing and hired a virtual assistant as well as someone to help around the house in order to free my time to do the things that were important to me. And I launched a business from nothing to paying customers in six weeks.  I would’ve continued to stay stuck in the same spot without the coaching.

I tend to be somebody that doesn’t spend money on myself unless it has concrete tangible benefits.  I weigh a lot of options before making a decision. There are a lot of high ticket coaches out there and I am somebody in the past who would’ve questioned if they can justify their worth.  Well in six weeks I've created more free time to spend with my family, I’ve recognized my own worth and not settled, had administrators I asked how they could meet my needs, and I started a business that is making money and bringing me joy because it helps other people.  I believe that coaching can be life transforming.

Dr. Harding

I was struggling with moving forward on items that had been on my to-do list for over 2 years.  I was struggling with focusing on others’ expectations and perceptions of who and what I should be/do.  I was also struggling with overwhelm and indecision.  During coaching, Denee Choice helped me recognize my thoughts which were leading to the feelings and the results I was having. She was amazing in coaching me to be able to accept my situations and then decide what it is that I wanted to have happen and get the results I had been craving. I am now able to use the tools she has given me to approach situations that arise and recognize when I go into my old patterns of thinking and change them.  I now feel so empowered with the skills I have gained that I now view many things in my life so differently, that I do not feel overwhelmed, I feel joy! And my 2-year list is finally getting toward the finish lines! This was a game-changer, a life changer!!!

Denee had the ability to reach me where I was at, not where she felt I should be or what direction I should take.  She was able to work with me during the different levels of emotions that I may have been experiencing at the time of our appointments and helped me refocus to tap into my power. I have worked with other coaches and she is by far the BEST!

If you are ready to make some lasting changes in the way you approach situations and life, Denee can very adeptly and succinctly help you get there.  You will get results with her.

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