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5-Minute Time Audit for Busy Physician Moms

Get clear on how you’re currently using your time with my 5-minute time audit process. Quickly identify where your time is being wasted so you can immediately start creating more time for what’s important to you.

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Creating Work-Life Boundaries:

How To Create Boundaries At Work So You Can Still Have A Life

Many physician moms (and other professionals!) find it hard to get their work done at work, and find themselves routinely bringing charts, or other work, home to finish. This impacts work-life balance and can interfere with your personal relationships, family time, and emotional wellness.

You CAN create effective work-life boundaries that allow you to succeed at work and create more time for your personal life. This toolkit and checklist shows you how.

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Discover the secrets of a recovering perfectionist, from a doctor, mom and burnout survivor. I’ve written a book that’s dedicated to all the driven, Type A, overachieving, perfectionist women out there who are trying to change the world. I’ve been there, and want to share all the lessons I’ve learned so you’ll have an easier path to avoid burnout, tame the stress monster, and truly thrive. Because the world needs you and all the gifts you have to offer.

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Get a Raise

Are you tired of getting passed over for promotions? Didn’t get the raise you were hoping for? In just three steps, here’s how you can raise your hand and ask for what you want, be it a promotion, raise, or new opportunity in your organization. With my tried and true three step process you can make your career dreams a reality, too. Get my free guide here.

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Make Sleep Your Superpower

Setting yourself up for a good night’s sleep is easier that you think. Get my top 10 tips for creating an amazing nights sleep, no sleeping pills required! From a doctor who struggled with sleep challenges in mid-life, this free guide goes beyond the conventional advice into practical products, tools and skills that will transform your sleep.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go: A Career Decision Guide for Women Physicians

Burnout in physicians is real. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re trying to choose whether to change jobs or perhaps leave medicine, do so with the help of this free career decision guide. It will help you make a more intentional choice.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go: A Career Decision Guide for Professional Women

Is your job becoming increasingly intolerable? Are you thinking of changing jobs, or even changing careers completely? Deciding whether to stay or go can be a tough decision. Don’t make it lightly. Take the first step to a decision that works for you with my free career decision guide, created specifically for professional women.

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