Who Are You Being?

I’ve been focused a lot on DOING in my posts lately.

  • Doing a 5-minute time audit
  • Creating work-life boundaries (doing)
  • Creating systems to manage your emails, messages and charting (doing)

And I’ve done this for good reason – to teach you some tools to help you create the results that you’re seeking.

  • More time for yourself.
  • Better work-life balance.
  • Time to slow down and take a breath.

Because I know you can create the life that you want. I know this in my bones.

And I want that for you—the exact life that you want. The one that will light you up and fill you with joy.
And that will take some DOING to get you there.
But now I want to spend some air time on BEING.
Because being matters too.
Maybe even more so.
Being is what we are now, in the present.
Thinking about the past is not being.
Thinking about the future has its place for sure, but it’s not being either.
You’re only being in the moment. Right now.

Who are you being? How are you being?

Are you focused and present?
Are you busy, distracted, or frazzled?

How do you wish you were being?

Take 2 minutes right now and answer those questions for yourself.
And then you can jump back into being busy, distracted and frazzled.
Unless you choose not to. Unless you choose to stay focused and present in the moment, and just BE.
Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Here’s to being in the moment,