Where Are You Holding Back? 

I had the opportunity to speak with an amazing group of women leaders last week.  

We talked about the gender gap and what causes it.

And then we shifted to talk about how we want to show up in the world where gender bias exists.

How we want to put our best work forward into the world.

And be recognized for our contributions.

We talked about SELF-SABOTAGE and how, despite the incredible work that women leaders do, we can still get in our own way.

Why do we self-sabotage?

  • Because of the THOUGHTS in our heads, that make us FEEL a certain way.
  • And from that feeling, we take ACTION that creates the results we have in our life.

Let’s say there’s a promotion opportunity at work you’d really like.

If you let your INNER CRITIC (the thoughts in your head) tell you that you’re not qualified to apply for that promotion or that others may be more qualified, you might feel undeserving, and from that feeling you choose inaction, so you don’t apply for the promotion.

So the RESULT you create for yourself is you can’t possibly get the promotion you want because you didn’t apply for it.  You DISQUALIFIED yourself.

Sadly, women do this all the time.  

Studies show that most women won’t apply for a job or opportunity unless they meet ALL of the specifications outlined in the job description (which is often simply a “wish list” of what an imaginary perfect candidate would bring to the position) where most men would apply for a position when they only meet 20% of the criteria outlined.

Stop disqualifying yourself.  

Learn to be the badass women leader, doctor, lawyer, etc. that you were born to be.

Stop the negative self-talk that holds you back.  That keeps you small. 

Makes you feel angry or resentful because you know you have more to offer.  You know your value isn’t being used to its potential.

So what’s the solution?

You can learn to tune out the negative voices in your head and instead tune into your inner wisdom and strengths.  

Then watch your performance and happiness soar.  

You got this!!

Want help with this journey?  I’d love to be your guide. 


Here’s to tuning into your inner wisdom and strength,