What’s Your Relationship With Time?

You may be thinking, WHAT?
What do you mean my relationship with time?

Relationships are about people, right?

Well, yes … and NO

Relationship (noun) the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or
people are connected, or the state of being connected. (Oxford Dictionary)

You have relationships with people (including yourself)

But you also have relationships with other things
Like money
And time

In other words,
You have a relationship with time – you’ve just never thought of it that way.

And I’m going to teach you a concept about relationships that you’ve probably never heard before.

📖Lesson 1: Your relationship with ANYTHING is based on your THOUGHTS and FEELINGS about it.

So your relationship with your partner
Or your child
Your mother in law
Or a friend
Is simply how you think and feel about them

And similarly, your relationship with time is how you think and feel about it.

📖Lesson 2: You can CHANGE your relationship with time (or with anything/anyone for that matter) –change how you FEEL about time– by changing your THOUGHTS about it.

I’m not talking about being in denial. Or having toxic positivity.

Of course, there are skills and tools you can learn and use to manage your time better-
But most of us can also benefit by simply taking an objective view of time.

Because our human brain was programmed to FOCUS on the negative at the expense of the positive– which was a SURVIVAL mechanism that served our ancestors well but it no longer SERVES us in our modern-day lives– most of us are naturally inclined to feel scarcity based on our thoughts about time.
As in – we never have enough time.

So we need to PAUSE and look objectively at our thoughts – about TIME.

Because our thoughts are creating our relationship – with time.

📖Lesson 3: How to evaluate (and change) your relationship with time

✅Step 1 – Awareness
Take out a piece of paper and write down all your thoughts about time.
All of them. Get them all out. Take your time here (no pun intended!).
They may come slowly at first but keep at it.

This step shows you your current RELATIONSHIP with time.

✅Step 2- Habits
Answer the following questions:
How do you currently manage your time?
What good or bad habits do you have around time?

What problems does this create in your life? Be specific.

This step shows you the RESULTS you are creating based on your current thoughts and feelings about time.

✅Step 3- Planning for Change

What are your thoughts about using scheduling to plan your time? Are these thoughts creating the results you want?

WHY do you want to build your skills around managing time? What result do you want to create?

HOW will you build your time management skill set? What expertise or tools do you have access to currently and where will you get more support if you need it?

What would be different in your life if you managed your time better?

Want help improving your relationship with time?
Help creating positive time management skills and habits?
I can help you with that!

Here’s to creating time for all the things you love,