What does gender equity look like in the workplace?

You may THINK it looks like:
☑️ female pay = male pay

Or you may think it looks like:
☑️ female pay = male pay
☑️ female opportunities = male opportunities

These things are important and ESSENTIAL

But Denee, REAL gender equity also looks like this:
✅ Strong women leaders are described as ASSERTIVE (not aggressive), just like men
✅ Women are not INTERRUPTED when they speak in meetings, just like men
✅ Women have mentors and sponsors and access to coaching, just like men
✅ Women’s IDEAS and OPINIONS are actually considered and not dismissed, later to be brought up by a man, followed by a chorus of “great idea!”
✅ Women are provided equal opportunities for advancement and not penalized by the SKIRT TAX or the MOMMY TAX
(Cause – you know – there’s gender inequity at home, too. But we’ll save that for another discussion)
✅ Women aren’t expected to TALK a certain way, DRESS a certain way or ACT a certain way in order to be taken seriously
✅ Women’s pay is EQUAL to men with similar responsibilities, background, training and experience
✅ Women have the SAME opportunities for raises, promotions, specialty training, leadership training, plumb assignments, corner offices, etc …
✅ Oh, and if you’re a doctor – you’re actually addressed as “Dr….” and not by your first name, just like male doctors

This is a glimpse of what gender equity could look like in the workplace.
What did I miss?
Share your thoughts, ideas, or questions – I’d love to hear them!

Are you sick and tired of gender inequity at work and wondering what the heck to do about it?

Join me on my mission to eliminate gender inequity at work – one badass woman at a time!
~ Denee Choice, MD