Vacation. Luxury or necessity?

Why is vacation important?

In my last post we talked about our “happy place”
And I mentioned mine was the beach.

Well I was fortunate to be able to spend last week AT the beach
With my husband and two adulting kids.

The beach is a MAGICAL place
And spending time with your kids
Away from the distractions of work

Vacations are important.

Vacation [NOUN]:
An extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling

Vacations are mini-breaks
From your life
Your routine
A time to rest
A time to play

There’s nothing quite like a CHANGE of scenery
To bring NEW perspective
To OLD problems

Taking breaks from our normal routines
Taking time away from work and other responsibilities
Connecting more deeply with family or friends
Tuning out

Refreshes your MIND and BODY

We weren’t made for constant pressure
For grinding day ofter day without pause
We need cycles

Day? night
Work? rest
Spring? fall
Growth? recovery

And the beauty of vacations is
There are NO rules

A vacation can be a 10 day cruise
A week hiking in the mountains
A long leisurely weekend away
Or even a half day off for rest or play

So if you’re not in a position to travel or chose not to, you can create MINI-vacations or stay-cations to the same effect

As long as you use them to

What if instead of thinking about vacation
As something we do once or twice a year

We could learn to incorporate “VACATION MINDSET”
Into our days and weeks


How would your attitude about your workweek CHANGE
If you looked forward to your “vacation”
EVERY Saturday afternoon?

Here’s to creating your vacation mindset,

Dr. Denee Choice