Is vulnerability a weakness … or a superpower?

How can VULNERABILITY be a superpower?

Turns out that vulnerability is a prerequisite to continuous learning
To continuous improvement

You must be willing to find and accept your imperfections before you can act on them
To change
To improve

Or to simply allow them
Accept them
Choose to be perfectly imperfect

Vulnerability means you are willing to be open

To let your guard down
To be honest
To be yourself

And to FEEL all the feelings that go along with that

Are you willing to feel all the feelings?
Most people aren’t

But those that are willing
Learn that feelings can’t hurt you

FEELING your feelings, rather than resisting them
Makes you STRONGER

Vulnerability is NOT a weakness

Other benefits of vulnerability?

Human connection
Teams that work together better
Organizations that perform better

I help women leaders learn to use vulnerability as a superpower.

To create amazing
And personal relationships

Here’s to findings your strengths,