Endings and beginnings

I love the month of May
The weather is finally turning warmer
Time for backyard cookouts and el fresco dining
Mother’s Day
Graduation time

I get so sentimental about graduations
It’s such an exciting time

New beginnings
Fresh start
Unlimited possibilities

But graduations and new beginnings
Are not just for teenagers and young adults

You can have a fresh start
At any point in your life
Any time you choose

In 2021, I “graduated”
From the 2.0 version of my professional career
And started new with the 3.0 version

I spent 20 years in medicine
First as a physical therapist
And then as a medical doctor

Then I was ready for something different
Something more

So I graduated from clinical medicine
And started a new career
As an executive, in the corporate world

I spent nearly 8 years there
It was amazing
I worked with incredible people
Learned so much

And had the opportunity to
Coach and mentor amazing women leaders

And then it was time for something else
So I graduated

And I took my 20+ years in medicine and leadership
My experience as an entrepreneur, a senior executive
A leadership, career, and life coach
The skills I honed in each of those roles
My superpowers

And brought these to my 3.0 career – my own coaching business
Helping each of my clients
Discover their own superpowers
To create the life they want

And one of my very favorite things to do is to
Help my clients graduate
From one phase of their lives
And start new versions of themselves

This doesn’t have to mean a career change
(Although often it does)
It can mean changing jobs within your profession
Or changing responsibilities within your organization
Or a shift in your personal life
Or simply a shift in your priorities

So many possibilities!

Are you ready to graduate?
Ready for a new beginning?
A fresh start?

I can help you with that!

I can help you find
YOU 2.0, 3.0 …or even 4.0

Here’s to new beginnings,

Dr. Denee Choice