Do You Mind The Gap? 

There’s a gap in medicine. A gender gap.  

And it’s present in many other, if not most, professional fields.

  • There’s a gap in pay. 
  • A gap in opportunity. 
  • A gap in respect.

And it’s not simply because more women choose less financially lucrative fields or specialties. 

It’s not because they work part-time, see fewer patients or work fewer hours.  

Studies have shown that, even after correcting for all of those potential variables, male physicians make $2 million more than their female counterparts over their careers. 

Not exactly chump change.

In addition, women are responsible for a larger share of UNCOMPENSATED work at home, and significantly more NON-PROMOTABLE work at work compared to their male peers.

The women I work with are pissed off about the inequity, but they feel helpless to do anything about it.  

Why is this happening?  

Certainly, significant EXTERNAL factors are at play, including organizational, societal, and cultural norms and biases.  

But INTERNAL factors play into the equation as well.  

And, like any other situation where you want to enact change, the first step is evaluating what factors YOU are in control of. 

And you always have control of yourself. 

Your thoughts. Your feelings. Your actions. Your results.

I coach a lot of women physicians—women who are bright, capable, hard-working, amazing badasses—and yet ALL of them struggle with some form of SELF-SABOTAGE.  

Most often what I see in these clients is some combination of PERFECTIONISM, PEOPLE-PLEASING and/or IMPOSTER SYNDROME.  

And what they don’t realize is that they are not alone.  YOU are not alone.  

We ALL struggle with our own versions of self-sabotage.  

I’ve talked openly about my struggles with perfectionism, and what it cost me. I even wrote a book about it. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

The solution is actually quite simple.  

  • Become aware of your common patterns of self-sabotage
  • Learn to recognize when that saboteur is at play and how to intercept it
  • Then choose a response that better serves you and your goals

I use a saboteur assessment tool with my clients to help them recognize their own patterns, and then we get to work on retraining their brains to find a better way.

I want to give YOU access to that very same saboteur assessment, for FREE.  

Take the first step in overcoming your self-sabotaging habits and behaviors. 

You can take the free assessment HERE.

I want to close by reinforcing the point that the gender gap is NOT there because women self-sabotage.  

No way. No how. 

But self-sabotage keeps us small.  

Keeps us from achieving our true potential. 

Keeps us from having the energy, clarity, and direction to tackle the bigger issues, like the EXTERNAL factors that created the gender gap.

If you learn to manage your own internal saboteurs, you’ll become unstoppable!


Here’s to becoming unstoppable,