Do you crave simplicity?

I do.
Because my brain – left to its own devices – likes to overcomplicate things
A lot
Simple is clean
Limited choices; only the essentials
Fewer, but better; chosen intentionally

And by clarifying the ESSENTIAL and eliminating the rest
My brain can FOCUS better
Less noise
Less distraction

Simple doesn’t always equal easy, but easy often translates well to simple
The essential can sometimes be HARD
But important and therefore worth the effort

What does simplicity look like for me, in my life?
One place this shows up is in my eating plan
I have the same breakfast every day (bulletproof coffee)
I rotate the same two lunches every day during the work week

I have a handful of go-to dinners I make on a rotating basis when we eat at home

I always keep the core ingredients on hand, pick from a limited few choices

Easy peasy

Simplicity MINIMIZES the decisions that need to be made
Minimizes decision fatigue
Frees up mental capacity for more important things
Like being fully focused on my work
My clients
My writing
And being fully present with my family

Is it just me?
Do you crave simplicity in your life?

How do you find the value of simplicity showing up in your life?
Where would you like less?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and reflections on simplicity.

Here’s to finding less but better,

Denee Choice