Are you a perfectionist?

I used to be one, too.

In fact, I still am.
But I’m in recovery.
I’m a recovering perfectionist.

What does that mean, you ask?

It means I kept the “good” parts of perfectionism
The drive to do my best.
For others.
And for myself.

But I left behind the dysfunctional part.
The destructive part.
The part of my brain that told myself
if I’m not perfect, I’m not good enough.
Not smart enough.
Not enough.

Because the truth is, I am good enough.
Smart enough.
And so are you.

The tricky part is my perfectionist tendencies
Are what helped me succeed.
They got me to where I am in my career and in my life.
All the good things I have
I have because of my drive for achievement
Fueled by discipline and grit.

But it became dysfunctional when I couldn’t turn it “off”.
After achieving so many things in my career, it still wasn’t enough.
I was still chasing achievement.
The next degree.
The next opportunity.
The next promotion.

And it worked for me.
Until it didn’t.
Until I found myself in burnout.
Not once, but twice.

The first time I blamed my circumstance.
But the second time, I realized that I had no one to blame but myself.
I had created this result for myself.

It was MY drive for achievement.
My pursuit of the next thing.
Without pausing to look back and celebrate what I had achieved.
Or pausing to appreciate what I had.

Don’t get me wrong.
I was happy.
I had a great life.
A great family.
A great job.

But I had this deep drive for achievement.
The problem was, in this season of my life
Pursuing MORE came in direct conflict with the balance I craved.

I wanted balance.
Less, but better.
Less “doing” things and more creating impact.

So I began my journey of unraveling perfectionism.

On this journey, I found many soul teachers who helped me along the way.
I found coaching.
I found a community.
I found my path forward.
And I got better.

Are you ready to find your path forward?
I can help you with that!

I wrote a book about it. How perfectionism led me to burnout, and how I recovered from burnout. So I could share it with you. So you can find your path forward, too. Cause you’ve worked too damn hard to create an amazing life. Isn’t it time you started enjoying it?

You can download the first two chapters of my book, Secrets of a Recovering Perfectionist: Lessons from a Doctor, Mom and Burnout Survivor for FREE here.

Here’s to finding your path forward,

Denee Choice