Your Golden Ticket To Better

I often describe coaching as the FastPass to achieving your goals.

To making your dreams a reality.

(Side note: if you’ve never been to Disney World, a FastPass lets you “legally” skip to the front of the line. It’s like the private lane for First Class to board a flight at the airport.)

I love this analogy, because who doesn’t love getting to avoid waiting in long lines? We love the idea of getting there faster without cheating (ditching in line).

When we invest in a FastPass, we’re still following the rules, we just get the results we want faster and more efficiently.

Which makes the experience much more pleasant. More fun.

➡️ But it’s optional, right?
We can choose NOT to opt for the FastPass, and wait in the long lines.
And we technically still get the same end result– to take the ride.

➡️. Coaching is completely optional, too.
No one needs coaching
But everyone deserves a coach.
We just somehow fail to think of it that way.
You deserve a coach.

But if you’re like most of my clients, you’ve been socialized to take care of everyone else, and put yourself last.

We don’t think twice about paying for private schools or expensive tutors for our kids or signing them up for pricey club/travel sports teams.
And if you think about it–this is investing in coaching for our kids.
It helps them get the results they want (or you want for them) faster and more efficiently than studying on their own or doing drills on their own.

And at the same time, we don’t even consider investing in coaching for ourselves!


💰 “It’s too expensive.” (Really? Compared to what?)
⏱️ “I don’t have time for it.” (Really? Because coaching saves you time, energy, and effort!)

But I was definitely in that camp for several years.

And it wasn’t until I found myself struggling with my second round of burnout (despite leaving clinical medicine, thinking my job was causing my unhappiness and burnout), that I finally decided to give it a try.

I immediately saw the value of the FastPass.

The value of investing in myself.

So I could recover from burnout much quicker (it worked!) and so I could show up BETTER for the important people in my life.

➡️ If you’ve invested in coaching before, you know this well.
➡️ No matter what area you choose to get coaching for, everything in your life just gets BETTER.
➡️ That’s the ripple effect of coaching.

If you’ve never invested in coaching, you can’t really appreciate the value until you try it for yourself.

And my group program, The Productivity Prescription, is a perfect way to dip your toe in!

Once you experience the value of coaching and the difference it makes in your life, you’ll never be a doubter again.

And you’ll wonder what took you so long to try it!

There’s no time like the present!

Get your FastPass–your golden ticket to BETTER.

Here’s to investing in YOU,