You Can End October Overwhelm. Here’s 2 Ways

It’s mid-October.
You just got over back-to-school season in September
The BUSYNESS of school activities and fall sports.
Finally got in the groove.
Your kid’s fall activities are wrapping up.
It feels normal. Routine. Easier.

But once October hits, you know what is right around the corner … the holidays.

And the holiday season brings lots of EXTRA.

  • Extra responsibilities
  • Extra obligations
  • Extra stress

Even if you love the holidays.

How does all that extra make you feel?
✅ Excited?
✅ Stressed?
✅ Overwhelmed?
✅ All of the above?

Here’s the secret.

You can take the stress and overwhelm OUT of the holiday season
So that instead of dreading all the extra, you can really enjoy the holidays
By doing two simple things.
? Changing your perspective
? Planning in advance
Today I want to focus on the first part..

Changing your perspective from “I HAVE to do all these extra things”, to
I WANT to do these things.
I GET to.

Because the truth is, you don’t HAVE to do any of them.
And just that simple shift in perspective from ‘I have to’ to ‘I choose to’.
Shifts your energy.
Your mood.
Your outlook on the season.

It allows you to see the upside of the holidays.
The fun.
The connection.
The memories you’ll create.
Rather than focusing on the work.

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.
Next time you’re dreading something about the upcoming holidays, find the thought that’s swirling in your had that starts with “I have to …”.
And remind yourself you don’t HAVE to do any of it.
Then choose what perspective shift you want.
From I HAVE to
To I CHOOSE to (or whatever variation feels right to you).

Then watch your mood shift to something lighter.
It works every time.

Here’s to changing your perspective,