Why are you so busy all the time?

Did you know
That BUSY is an option

Something you choose because you think you HAVE to

Perhaps you think its a sign of commitment to your work
Maybe even to your family

Or that it’s a measure of the VALUE you bring

But busy is a THOUGHT
That leads to FEELING of panic or anxiety or overwhelm

Which decreases our attention
Decreases our ability to FOCUS on the important things

So we run around all day putting out fires
Racing through meetings
Slogging through emails
And get to the end of the day exhausted and demoralized

Because despite being BUSY all day
We didn’t get to the important work
The work that MATTERS

BUSY is not a badge of honor
Busy leads to BURNOUT

Busy does not equal productive
Urgent does not equal important

Busy people multitask
Productive people focus

Which do you want to be?

Need help getting the IMPORTANT things done?
Filtering out the unimportant?
Focusing on your priorities?

I can help you with that.
I help professional women succeed in their career AND have a family/personal life that they LOVE.

Here’s to DOING less and BEING more,

Denee Choice, MD