Where are you investing these days?

I had a facial this morning. It was awesome. I try to get facials once a month.
It’s something I do just for me. To take care of myself.

Facials are about removing the old and uncovering the new.

They are good preventive care.

An investment in the future.

I do it for my future self, just like I exercise and eat healthy for my future self.

As women, we tend to put ourselves last. We were socialized this way.

But if you’ve read my book, you know I subscribe to the idea of putting your own oxygen mask on first. This means that in order to take care of others, you have to take care of yourself first.

COACHING is kind of like facials.

It’s the ULTIMATE form of self-care.

It’s an INVESTMENT in yourself.

An investment in your BRAIN.

An investment in your current SELF

And your FUTURE self.

What better investment can you make than investing in yourself?

Have you thought about coaching but weren’t sure you were ready to invest the time and money into a months-long 1:1 coaching engagement?

Then my 6-week group program is for you!

You have the opportunity to dip your toe in coaching for a small investment of your time and money.

The opportunity to open your mind and your life to the power of coaching.
Paradigm-shifting. Mind-blowing. Life-changing.

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Ready to invest in yourself?
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Your future self will thank you!

6 weeks to learn and practice new skills
– to learn and implement new strategies
– with support from me, as your coach, and
– accountability from an intimate group of high-achieving women like you ???

What are you waiting for?

6 weeks to a new version of you – Let’s do this!!

Here’s to investing in your future self,