What if CELEBRATION was the secret sauce to crushing your goals?

Newsflash – IT IS!

Based on the science of behavior design and Dr. BJ Fogg:

The act of celebration actually helps REWIRE your brain


Celebrations taps into the reward circuitry of the brain
Causing your brain to recognize and encode the sequence of behaviors you just performed

What does this mean for you?

You can actually HACK your brain to create new behaviors by celebrating

And it turns out that people who embrace celebrations are the most SUCCESSFUL at creating new habits quickly

So they can CRUSH their goals.

I teach all my clients about the POWER of celebration, and how to use it to crush their goals.

Want help crushing YOUR goals in your career
While creating a personal and family life that you LOVE?

I can help you with that!

We’ll explore how to crush your personal and professional goals.
And we’ll CELEBRATE your success together!

Here’s to crushing your goals,

Denee Choice, MD