Want to gain 5 hours of PRODUCTIVE work time per day?

Turn OFF your notifications

Multitasking is a FALLACY
It is not a superpower

Every time you get INTERRUPTED by a notification
Social media
Etc …

You LOSE 15 minutes of productivity while your brain
Disengages from your current task
Attends to the notification
Then attempts to find its way back to where it left off
It’s neuroscience

Only 20 notification interruptions per day
– and let’s be honest – most of us get exponentially more than this –
Results in a loss of 5 HOURS of productive work!

Who has time for that?

Notifications are a HUGE time suck

Turn them off. Keep them off.

If you’re more PRODUCTIVE at work
You get your work done AT WORK
And STOP bringing it home

Wouldn’t that be AMAZING?

Want help leaving work at work? I can help you with that!

Here’s to taking back your time,

Denee Choice, MD