The ONE thing standing in the way of your dreams

Are you a powerful decision maker?

One of my favorite things to coach my clients on is DECISIONS


It’s where many of us get STUCK
Stuck in indecision

Indecision often masquerades as

When you spend time in indecision
Be aware that it’s DELAYING the life you want

The only thing standing in the way of the life of your dreams is your ability to make POWERFUL decisions

People delay making decisions
For two major reasons

One, they need more information
The second, and more common reason
Fear that they’ll choose the WRONG option

Fear is never a good emotion to work from

When you act from fear
You tend to play it safe
Think small
Maintain the status quo

So you don’t have to risk anything
In case you choose “wrong”


There is no WRONG
There are no wrong DECISIONS
No wrong OPTIONS
Just the one you CHOOSE

Choose something and commit to it
Don’t second guess yourself
BELIEVE that you made the best decision
Then ACT on the decision without question

Any decision is simply your best GUESS
Based on the information you have available NOW

You can always make a different decision later
Once you have additional information
New data
From acting on the last decision

Want to learn how to cut through all the mind-drama and become a powerful decision maker?

I can help you with that.
And it will change your life.

Here’s to mastering powerful decisions,

Dr. Denee Choice