Secret #2 For Reducing Your Holiday Stress

The holiday season is upon us.
It’s coming whether you’re ready or not.

If you want to take the stress and overwhelm OUT of the holiday season so you can enjoy it more

You can do two simple things:
? Change your perspective
? Plan in advance
We covered the first secret last time, so today we’ll focus on PLANNING.

How to use planning to reduce your holiday stress.

✅ Start now
✅ Write out all the events you have coming up between now and January 2nd.
✅ Note all the events on your calendar.
✅ Write a list of all the action items you have around each event.

  • Now throw away your to-do lists.
  • Everything should now be on your calendar.
  • Anything new that arises, add directly to your calendar.

✅ Work backward from the event and schedule all the preparatory steps
✅ Stick to your plan. Your future self will thank you.

  • Check your calendar daily.
  • Update/reschedule any items that you didn’t get done when scheduled, and items you get done earlier than planned.

✅ Celebrate your accomplishments.

Know that every item you plan, schedule, and execute in advance will reduce your stress during the holiday season.
Every one of them.
Examples of what to schedule:

  • Halloween costume shopping
  • Buy candy for trick-or-treat
  • Buy cupcakes for school party
  • Book travel plans for Thanksgiving
  • Book hotel for Thanksgiving
  • Bring sweet potato casserole to Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Grocery shopping for ingredients
  • Put up Christmas tree/holiday decorations
  • Plan menu for Christmas dinner
  • Shop for gifts
  • Buy wrapping paper
  • Wrap presents
  • Order holiday cards
  • Buy stamps
  • Send holiday cards
  • Attend holiday party
  • Pick up Cousin Vinny from the airport

You get the point.

It may seem too detailed.
Maybe you think it’s not necessary.
And that’s ok.
You get to decide.

But what I know for sure

is that having accounted for all the events, all the prep work that goes into the events, and then scheduling the time into your calendar,

makes for a much less stressful holiday season.

It will even change your interaction with your mother-in-law, or whoever that person is who stresses you out during the holidays.

Because your baseline stress will be lower.
You’ll be less reactive.
Less likely to let them get to you.
More likely to roll with the punches.
More likely to enjoy the holiday.
For real.

More likely to enjoy the traditions.
✨ The food.
✨ The fun.
✨ The connection.
✨ The memories you’ll create.
✨ The magic of the holidays.

Your future self will thank you ?

Here’s to creating your holiday magic,