Professional coaching is an evidence-based intervention

Did you know that
Coaching is an evidence-based intervention?

Meaning that there are scientific studies that PROVE it works
Not just any studies
But GOLD-standard studies
Randomized controlled trials

Scientific evidence that coaching works
To reduce burnout
Reduce emotional exhaustion
And improve quality of life

To reduce feelings of imposter syndrome
And improve self-compassion

But if you’ve had coaching before
You already know it works

You didn’t need randomized controlled trials
Published in highly respected academic journals

Because you experienced your own results
Your own evidence

I’m sharing the link to the article here
In case you want scientific evidence

Here’s MY evidence

I quit hating my job
I quit blaming my job for making me unhappy
And I discovered my path forward
To a new job that I love

I quit blaming other people for making me feel
Angry, exhausted, resentful
I became less defensive
More curious

I quit giving up my power to the “difficult” people in my life
Because I learned that the only person who can make me feel any way
Is me

I signed up for coaching because I was unhappy at work and I wanted a change
And I got far more than I had bargained for

My relationships improved
My health improved
My outlook improved

I just felt so much better
In every aspect of my life

And I have countless stories about my amazing clients and how they have transformed their lives with the help of coaching.

Are you ready to change your life?

You spend so much time taking care of other people.
Isn’t it time you invested in yourself?
Your future?

I can help you with that.

Here’s to changing your life,

Dr. Denee Choice