Presents Or Presence?

Presents at Christmas, Hanukkah or other holidays are fun, especially when there are young children involved. 

And there’s something beautiful about celebrating traditions; about finding something special to give to someone you love. 

But as an adult and especially as a parent, many times, the best gift we can give our loved ones is our PRESENCE.  

Being fully present for the moment, being IN the moment with your kids.  Being IN the moment with your family, your loved ones, is the greatest gift we have to give.  

How often do you give your kids or your family your undivided attention?  

How often do you really focus your attention on what THEY want to do?  

In our busy lives, we are so often drawn to multitasking.  

  • Doing other things while we “listen” to others. 
  • Checking messages on our phones while we talk with our partners.  
  • Making mental notes in our heads while our kids are telling us about something that happened in their day. 

Distracted.  Not fully present.

What if this year you decided to be fully present for every moment during the holidays? 

  • Fully present for the baking and cooking. 
  • Fully present for the unwrapping and the playing with gifts.  
  • Fully present with the conversations with family.  Especially those that you don’t see often.  

There is so much JOY in presence.  

You notice the tiny things, the details, that bring delight. 

And it only takes one person bringing intentional presence to the room to shift the mood and the experience for everyone. It’s contagious. 

So my invitation to you as we dive into the heart of this holiday season, is to focus on PRESENCE over PRESENTS.  

  • Be ALL IN on savoring every moment. 
  • Give the gift of your time and attention.  
  • Give it freely.  

These are the greatest gifts we have to give. 

I promise you, your joy will multiply and it will be contagious.  


Here’s to multiplying and spreading your joy and presence,