Mental Fitness is the key to increasing your happiness.

What is Mental Fitness?

Every one of us knows what physical fitness is

And each of us has a pretty good idea of how physically fit we are

And we know the importance of physical fitness

For our physical health
For longevity
And even for our brain health

But the concept of MENTAL FITNESS and how important it is

For our health
For our relationships
For our livelihood

Is NOT common knowledge

So what is Mental Fitness?

Mental Fitness is your capacity to respond to life’s challenges with a positive rather than a negative mindset.

I’ve used other terminology in the past to describe Mental Fitness

Emotional Wellness
Brain Health
High Performance

But the term Mental Fitness is growing on me

As it is descriptive of the TRAINING it takes (just like physical fitness)

To improve
Meet your goals
Change your life

The impacts of developing strong Mental Fitness include better outcomes in all areas of life
Including improvements in:

✅ Productivity
✅ Healthy relationships
✅ Peace of mind
✅ Health & well-being

There are 3 core “muscles” at the root of Mental Fitness

That relate to how we manage the default thinking patterns in our brain

The patterns that kept our ancestors alive when the threat of being killed by a predator was real

But that no longer serve us in our modern world

I’ll be talking about Mental Fitness more in the coming weeks

And how to improve your Mental Fitness by strengthening the 3 core mental muscles

Because groundbreaking research in neuroscience and psychology DEBUNKS the myth that first we need to work hard to succeed in order to be happy

Instead, increasing your Mental Fitness is the KEY to greater happiness and improved performance, which then leads to greater success

Here’s to growing your mental muscles,