The real cause of overwhelm

Overwhelm is a FEELING
Caused by a THOUGHT

You might have been surprised to learn that it’s NOT caused by
Your mile-long to-do list
Your increasing responsibilities at work (or at home)
Or any other THING

It’s your thoughts ABOUT those things that create the feeling of overwhelm

But there are some common themes that may trigger thoughts that lead to overwhelm
For example, when we don’t manage our energy, manage our time, or manage our minds

We don’t manage our energy when …

We focus on others needs at the expense of our own
So we run on empty

We fail to set healthy boundaries
Or fail to enforce them
Because we “can’t” say NO
Or choose not to

We don’t manage our time when …

We over-schedule
Or don’t schedule at all

We overestimate what we can get done in a day or week
Or we plan our schedule and then don’t keep our commitment to ourselves

And instead choose to spend time on low-value activities, like
Too much Facebook
… Instagram
… Netflix

We consistently focus on the urgent at the expense of the important
Or we let other’s requests stop us from doing what we planned to do

We don’t manage our minds when …

We multitask instead of focus
We get caught up in thought loops
➡️ I can’t get it all done ➡️ Overwhelm ➡️ Inaction ➡️ I don’t get it all done ➡️

We get derailed by unmade decisions and open loops
Which are prime triggers for thoughts that lead to overwhelm
And the more we feel overwhelm, the more likely it becomes HABITUAL
It becomes our go-to emotion when things aren’t going perfectly

But habits are LEARNED
Which means they can be UNLEARNED

In the next post we’ll dig into TOOLS and STRATEGIES
To overcome overwhelm
So you can finally start enjoying the life you’ve worked so hard to create

Here’s to overcoming overwhelm,

Denee Choice, MD