Do you ever underestimate your worth?

I coached a new client last week
And she reminded me of something important
I want to share with you

Sometimes to understand your WORTH
As in the VALUE you bring to an organization
You need an OUTSIDE perspective

Because you’ve been living with your amazing self
For as long as you’ve been alive

So you may not always see
What makes you unique
What makes you special
The gifts you have to share

You’re too close to see it

And sometimes you may see it
But are afraid to show it
Especially as a women

Women are socialized
To be good
To be quiet
Don’t laugh too loud
Don’t show off
Don’t brag

On top of that
We have this bad habit
Of focusing on our flaws
The things we see as less than perfect

My client wanted to be considered for
Director-level roles in her industry
After nearly 15 years in her field
She was highly successful and sought after
For manager and senior manager roles

But she wanted MORE

So she invested in COACHING to help her
With her MATERIALS (resume, LinkedIn page)
And with her MINDSET

With her years of experience
And a post-graduate degree in her field
I asked her why she was not ALREADY working at the Director level
Know what she told me?

“I am afraid of over over-promising and then underdelivering
And then they’ll be disappointed …
I’m 100% certain I can deliver at the manager level
But I’ve never been able to get a Director job”

She had applied for ONE director-level job ever
And was among the final two candidates
But was not selected for the role
Because she didn’t “sell” herself

As women, we often feel that we shouldn’t have to sell ourselves
That our work should speak for itself

But selling is simply SHARING
Helping your clients or customers or job interviewers
Know what you have to offer
That can help them

If you don’t share this with them
They may never know

They may not connect the dots
And understand how perfect you are for their organization
How your solution is perfect for their problem

And if you’re up for a job opportunity
Against a MALE candidate
You can bet they are going to show up confident
Maybe even over-confident
Compared to their capabilities

You can’t sell yourself short
Or be humble
When your competition is SURE
That they are the best thing since sliced bread

So we started coaching
I asked her a few simple questions on the call
And let her work through the answers

In those questions and answers
She found her BADASS self
Who’s PERFECTLY suited and
Perfectly capable of taking on Director level roles
And killing it in those roles

Coaching is MAGIC

She ALWAYS had it in her
She just couldn’t SEE it
All I did was help her see

This is the power of coaching

In our FIRST session
I saw her SHIFT
I noticed it in her body language
I heard it in her words

She found her inner badass

This is why I love coaching women

Want to show up as your inner badass in your next
Job interview?

I can help you with that.

Here’s to finding YOUR inner badass,

Dr. Denee Choice