Do you struggle with DIFFICULT people in your life?

We all have them.
At work
Or in our personal lives
Or both
Here’s a new way to look at the difficult people in your lives
That just might change EVERYTHING for you

First, DEFINE “difficult”.
What makes them difficult?
Are they bossy? Arrogant? Stubborn?

Those are labels we give people.
Difficult is a LABEL.
Based on OUR thoughts about them.

When we label someone as difficult
It creates a STORY in our mind about that person.

About how they show up in the world.

And then our brain constantly looks for
EVIDENCE that this is true.
And discounts any evidence that doesn’t fit our story.

This is called confirmation bias.

What if instead of labeling them as DIFFICULT

We put our brain to work to determine what they bring to the table?

Because everyone has strengths

We all have people in our personal and professional lives that we wouldn’t necessarily CHOOSE

But the happiest and most successful people find ways to work with ALL the people

Even the “difficult” ones

Want to learn how to work effectively with the “difficult” people in your life?

I can help you with that!

I’ll help you learn how to work effectively
With ALL the people
So you can crush your personal and professional goals.
And fully enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to create.

Here’s to eliminating “difficult” from your life,

Denee Choice