Celebrate! Your Fast Pass To Brand New Habits

This is it.
Your Tiny Habits® training wraps up today.
Now comes the part where YOU start creating your own new habits.
Quickly and successfully.
And you can do this at will, with any new habit you want to create. Over and over again.
So you can crush your goals, no matter what they are.
But first, let me share the missing piece.

Remember, to create any new habit you WANT …

Make it TINY, find where it naturally FITS in your day, and NURTURE its growth.

✅ First, you chose a habit you WANT to create.
✅ Second, you found a way to make it TINY so the effort is so small that your brain can’t find excuses NOT to do it. Too small to fail.
✅ Then you learned how to plant the new habit where it naturally FITS in your day.
✅ And today – we finish with the last step. Nurturing the growth of your new tiny habits.

How do you grow your new habits?

By celebrating your success ?
Celebration can be anything that makes you feel good,
From a “YES!!,” or “Nailed it!”
To a fist pump, imagining a crowd roaring at your amazing feat, raising your arms in a victory sign, or singing a line from your favorite victory song or chant.
Celebration can take many forms. The only “must” is it must make you FEEL good. So experiment with what words, actions, poses or thoughts make you feel successful.

Why is celebration so important?

Because it’s the secret sauce to making habits stick. And grow.

This is how you grow your new habit from TINY to TRANSFORMATIVE.

Celebration is habit fertilizer.
The act of celebration actually helps REWIRE your brain.
Celebrations taps into the reward circuitry of the brain.
Causing your brain to recognize and encode the sequence of behaviors you just performed.
Which helps lay down new pathways in your brain.
Wiring in the new behavior. So it becomes automatic. A HABIT.
And as you succeed with your TINY version of the habit, you become a person who is capable of GROWING that habit. Into anything you want to create in your life.
What does this mean for you?

It turns out that people who embrace celebrations are the most SUCCESSFUL at creating new habits quickly.

So they can CRUSH their goals.
I teach all my clients about the POWER of celebration, and how to use it to crush their goals.

Want help crushing YOUR goals in your career while creating a personal and family life that you LOVE? I can help you with that!

Here’s to celebrating your way to success,