Can You Really Manage Time?

In back-to-school season, we are reminded of learning.

Learning new things.

Learning how to do things better.

Learning to use our TIME better.

We often hear people talk about time management, but can we really manage time?

After all, we all have the same 24 hours in a day (but clearly some of us have more responsibilities to manage WITHIN those 24 hours).

Although we can’t create more time out of thin air, we can get better at how we use our time.

So if we can’t manage time, what is it that we are managing?

We are managing OURSELVES. Managing our MINDS.

This is good news because “ourselves” is the easiest thing to manage.

Or if not easy, at least it is what we have the most CONTROL over.

Because we have ZERO control over the passing of the hours, days, or years.

Only over how we use them.

So time management is really about
(a) how we allocate our time to our daily activities, and
(b) how well we use our time within any given task

When we think about time management, we are usually talking primarily about how we manage our “work” time rather than our leisure time.

For most of my clients, the goal of managing their time is to get their work done in less time (b) so they can allocate more time to their personal and family lives (a).

Although some people have the goal of getting work done in less time so they can do more work. To each his own …

If you are interested in learning how to get more done in less time, stay tuned! We are going to do a deeper dive into time management and productivity over the next few weeks. I have some amazing tools and hacks to share that you are going to love.

Here’s to getting your work done in less time,