Are Your Goals Off Track?  Just Begin Again 

My meditation teacher tells me this over and over: begin again.

Such sage advice at this time of year.

Anytime, really, but it seems especially relevant right now.

Did your new healthy eating plan get off-track?

Begin again.

Did your “dry January” only last for a week?

Begin again.

Your plans to clear the clutter, clean out your closets, or minimize your wardrobe derailed?

Begin again.

Your intention to be more present, more focused, cuss less, and hug more?

Begin again.

Just as the point of meditation practice isn’t to get good at meditation—it’s to get good at LIFE—the point of your January plans, goals, or intentions isn’t to perfect that area of your life.  

The point is to practice and fail and get better and stronger in the process.  

Stronger for having failed and gotten back up again (begin again). 

Stronger for taking a chance, risking failure. 

It’s not about the process itself or even about attaining the ultimate goal.  

It’s about who you become along the way. 

That’s how you get better at LIFE—you become more YOU. You find the more authentic you. The best version of you.  And as my friend and colleague Melissa describes it; your favorite version of you.

So begin again. And again and again.  

As many times as you need to. 

Each failure is another notch in your belt.  

Another chance to show yourself what you’re made of. 

Another chance to have your own back. To love yourself no matter what.

So stop beating yourself up.  Just get yourself up, dust yourself off …

And begin again.


Here’s to fresh starts and every opportunity to begin again,