Are You A VIP?

It’s my birthday next week.

I’m not big on making a big deal of my birthday.  

I don’t like parties—especially surprise parties.  

And I don’t need gifts from others, or a fancy dinner out.  

I am fortunate to have everything I need, and my “wants” at this point in my life aren’t material things for the most part. 

But the one thing I like to do for my birthday is to buy myself a birthday gift.  

Something no one else would think to get me.  

Something meaningful.  

So this year for my birthday, I bought myself a VIP coaching experience. 



To invest in my brain. To invest in my goals and my future. To invest in me.  

Because my brain is worth it.  My future is worth it.  

I’m worth it.  And so are you.


If you’re like most of my clients, you make your LIVING with your brain

You also make your LIFE with your brain, including starting, maintaining, or growing relationships, picking up new hobbies, and exploring things that interest you.

So what better thing to invest in than your brain? It’s what makes you, YOU. 

It’s what makes you different. 

It’s what makes you extraordinary. A VIP.


So DECIDE you are a VIP.  

Decide to invest in yourself.  Decide to be extraordinary.  

To find out exactly what you’re capable of because you ARE capable—far beyond your current abilities.


Now, if your response to that idea is any version of “I can’t do that” it’s because as women (especially in the healing/helping professions) we are socialized and conditioned to put ourselves last.  


To serve and support others, no matter the cost to ourselves. 

This is all WRONG.  

Be of service to others—yes, absolutely.  But not at our own expense.  

Never at our own expense. 

We have to fill our own cup—and keep it full—so that we can show up for others in our lives at our best.  

So by all means invest in yourselves. Invest your time, money, attention—whatever resources necessary to allow you to operate at your peak potential.


All of my clients are VIPs. 

🔥 I help them find their extraordinary selves, to find out what they’re capable of.  

🔥 I help them create the career and personal life that makes them happy, joyful, balanced, and fulfilled. 


You’re a VIP, too.  

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and want to find out what you’re truly capable of creating in this one precious life, come work with me. 

I’d be honored to be your guide 💜

You know you’re worth it.

What are you waiting for?


Here’s to finding your extraordinary life,