5 signs you’re ready to move on from your job

Have you been toying with the idea of leaving your job?
Have an inkling that there’s something better out there for you?
That you were made for something more?

Here are five signs that you may be ready to move on from your job.

You’ve outgrown your role.

This can mean several things.

You’ve stopped developing
Are no longer finding meaning in your work
Or are just plain bored at work

It can also mean that
There’s no career path
Or room for growth
In your current organization

You feel undervalued.

This is a big one.

If you’re feeling undervalued you can either
Address it directly with your manager
Or decide to move on
Because feeling undervalued
Is a one-way ticket to anger and/or resentment.

Common scenarios that may prompt feelings of being undervalued

Being passed over for a promotion
Believing you’re underpaid for the work you’re doing
Or the level of responsibility you’re carrying
Finding out your male colleagues are earning a significantly higher salary
Or other perks not offered to you

You often feel frazzled.

Frazzled is not a good feeling.

It’s the feeling that comes from thoughts like
I can’t keep this up
I don’t have enough time
I’m going to forget something
I can’t handle this
I’m about to lose it

These thoughts are common when you have
Poor work-life balance
Which comes from
Allowing yourself to take on too much
At work or at home

And for my clients, it’s commonly both

One of the root causes here
Is the way we were socialized as women

To be the caretakers
To put everyone else’s needs
Before ourselves

Don’t complain
Don’t make waves

But thinking we need to do it all ourselves
Continuing to power through
Not asking for help
Eventually leads to burnout
And resentment

If you’re feeling frazzled often
And are no longer enjoying Sundays
Because you’re filled with dread
About the coming work week

Implement some healthy boundaries pronto

Or move on to a position or organization
That values its employees
Enough to provide a sustainable balance

Your priorities have shifted

Or the company’s priorities have shifted
And you no longer feel aligned
With the organization’s way of doing things

This shift or mismatch in priorities
Can happen at any point
But is more common
During times of personal growth or transition

Becoming a parent
Or an empty nester
Going through a divorce
Losing a close family member

It’s often at these forks in the road
That we reflect

On our purpose
What we want in life
What our legacy will be

You have a gut feeling

Our bodies carry so much information
So much wisdom
That we often ignore
We need to give our body
Equal air time when making decisions

Our brain can analyze the options
And get caught up in indecision

But our body KNOWS
We just have to listen to it

You have a GUT feeling

That you can’t trust your boss
That you’re not using your strengths
That you have so much more to offer
Than what you’re currently doing

Your HEART just isn’t in it anymore

You know deep down INSIDE
That you were you made for more than this

Deciding to leave a job can be scary, or it can be exciting. It depends on your thoughts. It depends on how much you rely on your logical brain’s analysis, and how much you trust your body. Your intuition.

If your want help deciding whether you should stay or go, or want help through a career transition, I can help you with that.

Here’s to creating a life that you LOVE,

Denee Choice