3 Tips to ❌Wasting Time (so you can finish work and get home faster)

We can’t create more time out of thin air – we all have the same 24 hrs in a day available to us – but we can get better at how we use our time.

How do we get better at using our time?

Simple – quit wasting time! 🎯

(ok, I said “simple” – but don’t confuse simple with easy. It takes real effort to eliminate time wasters. But totally worth the productivity you will gain.)

Time-wasters fall into two categories:

  • EXTERNAL time-wasters
  • INTERNAL time-wasters

Let’s start with the low-hanging fruit.

External time-wasters are the things outside of us that make it way too easy to waste time—notifications, distractions, and interruptions.

Please people, TURN OFF your notifications!

  • Every ding on your phone, ping on your internal work messaging system, and pop-up or alert from email or social messaging channels – every one of these notifications interrupts your work. Interrupts your flow.
  • It takes TIME and ENERGY for the brain to switch tasks. It’s neuroscience.
  • You LOSE 15 minutes of productivity while your brain disengages from your current task, attends to the notification, then attempts to find its way back to where it left off.
  • This alone can result in 5 hours of lost productive time PER DAY!


  • Having the TV, radio or podcasts on in the background may seem harmless but it distracts your attention.
    Consider wearing noise-canceling headphones if you work in a noisy environment to block out distracting sounds.
  • This also works to send a visible signal to people not to interrupt you.
  • Close all windows on your computer unrelated to your current task.
  • Stay off social media during work/focus time. Enough said.
  • Focus is one of the main keys to productivity and distractions of any kind kill your focus.


  • While you can’t always prevent interruptions, you can PLAN in advance to minimize them.
  • Train your coworkers, your kids, your spouse – whoever needs to know NOT to interrupt you during your FOCUS time.
  • Close your door, if you have one. Leaving your office door open ‘invites’ people to stop in.
  • If you don’t have a door, consider the headphone hack mentioned above.

So you can hack your productivity by going after the low-hanging fruit – the external time-wasters. Stay tuned – we’ll cover internal time-wasters next time!

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